dimanche 24 avril 2011

coatching, birthday etc

As usual busy week haha i pray for one day where busy will be not my fav word .
Thursday afternoon work as organizer and coatching for the new brand of friend i have talking about last time "Le Chat Chocolaté". There was 3 models to shoot, make up was doneby marylaure and hair by maud . It always a pleasure to work with celine chea . We organize also with her nice shooting class (the next will be on paris in two weeks).
So here is some pics during the shoot

make up on margaux 

Yestarday was birthday party of my lovely ^^ nice moments haha a lot of jokes ^^ So sad to havent received the big present i have ordered last week. Thank to french post as usual .For once because it's not usual for me i have cooked some nice appetizer because i don't like cooking . lol

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  1. tu est de plus en plus jolie! j'aime ton nouveau blog! ^^