mardi 21 juin 2011


              Yes, Yes, Yes, yestarday was my fucking birthday ! and godam thank you so much for your 500 and more comments, mails , etc on my blog, facebook page etc . It's was a really big surprise to received all these comments. It was a perfect day. Really . Even if i'm not fan about birthday because i don't like birthday usual . Now i'm 26 old so sad . I don't want have 30 old hahaha.
My lovely comes to dental office to offer me beautifful flowers. And i have received big present from my boss . Haha to be a perfect cooker ! My mom offer me some presents too .
Ans we was gone to chinese restaurants too with Loïc , so cool ! 
I have organize a big party this saturday ! so i'm verry imaptient ! and i'll have some big surprise on the next days ! haha ! 

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