mercredi 6 juin 2012

3 beauty Products for today

Hello dears, it's a long time i have write something on my blog . So sorry about that . So i deceide to write a review about some beauty products i tried.

First one :
it's a body scrub from the brand "5 mondes" and i think it's one of the most effective i know . Of course you need to like strong body scrub (as sugar scrubs etc). it's a sea salt and spices smoothing scrub.
it leaves the skin extremely soft and it's one of my fav
the only negative point for me it'sthe smeell of it : it's too strong and spicy so i think it can be perfect for men too .And the color also it's a few disgusting but ... 
Of course when i need to leave for a party or meeting some nice men i prefer to use the Lush body butter . HAHAH. You know what i mean :)

One of my other fav' beauty products for body it's the "you snap the whip " body butter : i'm totally fan of the fruity chocolate smeel of it. Totally divine. And of course it's black so perfet to feat with my bathroom. I use as an exfolliant body butter , it's not too strong so i think you can use twice or more / week . just you need to rinse a lot your skin after use it . Of course if you know LUSH brand it's fresh handmade and natural cosmetics , no animals tests etc. So too many reasons to like it ! In france this product it's called "SM".

And for the end i think , one product that is a deception for me : the instant moisture mask on a pink shaker from Sephora. 
Yes of course when you use it you have a fresh sensation on your skin, neck etc but that's all. You can use a lotion and i can be the same. The only positive point for me it's the girly packaging.

2 commentaires:

  1. le masque réhydratant sephora est super sympa, je l'utilise aussi. j'adore le concept "c'est moi qui l'ai fait".
    j'adore ton blog, bises.

  2. Ce gommage "5 mondes" m'interresse bien, je ne connaissais pas!