mardi 28 juin 2011

Complex geometry

              Today on the spotlight: complew geometry one of he brand i like . It's a men and women brand based on geometric and very simple and effective design . Black and white style . Very attractive . 
You can check all the collections on :

and the shop :

here is my favorite design at this time :

lundi 27 juin 2011

birthday party and japan cover

This week end was a really busy and amazing week end . Saturday wake up early, gone to do my pink hairstyle as usual due to no white hair extensions avalable in france . So i need to wait again one month to have my hair all white so sad . After gone to take the ballon and birthday cake. Back at home to prepare the party, cooking a lot yes . I have done some vegetarian apetizers with strawberries, mango and goat cheese. Try to done also some nice small pizza with kitty head cutter lol and nice verrines with strawberries, cheries, raspberries with a few vodka ! haha and a lot of candies of course. 
I was so happy because my frien pudding comes from paris for it and she was on a cute wonder woman costume lol ^^ So it's was a small party but very great ! with fight's ballons etc .

of course pink black and white deco

spumante perla pink martini i'm fan with a few rasberries it's delicious 

pudding is the wonder woman *

loic killing the balloons

sport's time lol with pudding mdr 

men's battle 

pudding come with a lot of presents for me ; la durée of course macaron so delicious and powder bath and also her new collection of macaron jewellery 

pudding gived me a  japan mag that 6% doki doki sent to her . I'm the front cover girl it's so cute !