samedi 30 avril 2011


         How cross become fashion .... 
in the shadow of the valley of death

here is some items i like 
for me i'll opt for the wildfox top 

Simon Preen Crochet Cross Tee at  urban outfitters 46€

long clothing cross top 

Tokyolux cross top (brand of audrey kitching avalable at bigcartel)

UNIF top at shopnastygal 

wildfox crux top

at withasianstereotypes

Holy cross tunic by dimedice

alford IIIsunglasses by kerin rose 450$

some alex and chloe necklaces, pendants, etc 

kabiri earrings

Meadowlark ring

navette tattoo artist cross 

on the same style of alex and chloe and less expensive panda eyes necklaces on etsy 

felice faw photography 

jeudi 28 avril 2011


              Today was a long day i don't know why . Try to go to my spa body massage (chritsmas present of my boss) but of course as you're in france the spa was in the midle of nowhere and there is no bus or subway to go . After many times i try to have a rdv , finally gone, but can't have my massage because there is no meaning to get back home  even if my sweet lovely can come with me he can stay to go back with car so sad. Yes i was verryyyyy upset because it's a long long time i'm waiting for it and pfff ..... So after reflexion i have finally change my pass and i have take a lot of beauty products . 

     So it's a long of products from the brand "CINQ MONDES" beauty and spa products inspirate by spicy, oriental, flower essence . And "CARITA". And of course all this products are bio, natural, without artificial coloring and no animal based ingredient.

i have take : 

EAU EGYPYTIENNE : brume de soin corps et d'oreiller 
RITUAL DE LOUXOR EGYPTE refreshing body and pillow mist travel size: perfect to put on the bag and ideal for travel to perfum clothing and also you can use to soothe daily tensions and brighten up dreams . 

HANDCREAM AND NAILS : nourishes hand and nails , prevent age spots. Taking is inspiration from an ancestral chinese rituel . Its combine organic aloe vera extract, bamboo, plant extracts as white mulberryand sun filter to prevent pigmentation spots. On the box there is a chines reflexology manual and i like it really . 
My hand are soft , and smell good with a fresh feeling . So i like this product. 

I had no more oil for massage so with my lovely we had decided to take a body oil . 
BODY OIL RITUAL FROM INDIA : regenerating  and nourishing non oily massage for body . That's smeels very good . Without paraben and silicone nor minerail oil, without artificial coloring perfect for vegan ^^ . it's a mix between 3 precious oils : sesame , neem and boswellia. And compose with essence of sendalwood, cardamon and cedar and it's very relaxing .......... I'm so impatient to have break time with it .

SEA SALT AND SPICES SMOOTHING BODY SRUb that smeels sooo good . Very impatient to try it . Because as yoi know i'm a fan of body and face scrub to have a soft skin :)Compose with almond powder, sea salt, carnuba wax and vanilla oiland mix with essentials oils of cinnamon (miiiiammmmm) patchouli and javanese nutweg. So it's a very girly product as i like. 

By the way to finish my crazy buying i take a IDEAL WHITE LOTION : a pure clarity tonifying lotion. Because when you live near the sea it's essentail to keep a perfect white skin for me . It's an anti aging products helps brighten the face to make it clearer, more unified, and more luminous.... Compose with white mulberry extract and youth white complex. It can helps to remove lingering make up.

Of course because i'm a woman and when i'm stressed i boought a lot od stuff on the net i have spend a lot of money today to order some nice pieces from assad mounser (i have talking about him on my gold obsession post ) and a new graouwww maowww custom harness in latex from HMS latex . But more coming soon don't be impatient .....

mardi 26 avril 2011

TRUE LIES is coming

                                       Do you hear the little voice?

YES.... TRUE LIES IS ON THE WAY baby is born
please all designs are copyrighted, all rights reserved to True Lies. Thank to ask me before using pics.

dimanche 24 avril 2011

(IN)DECOROUS TASTE: crystal leather bondage me .....

                 How you can bondage me ....
Bought recently some nice pieces leather harness from Id taste .

It's a mix between leather harness and crystall jewellery . I like this extreme shapes. perfect to wear with black patent heels.
I have ordered a pair of classix harness and one n3 harness because i like asymetric effect. 

I like extreme pieces to wear and i think i'll create some nice stuff like that in the future.
I'll use it on photoshhot shortly so stay connected .

coatching, birthday etc

As usual busy week haha i pray for one day where busy will be not my fav word .
Thursday afternoon work as organizer and coatching for the new brand of friend i have talking about last time "Le Chat Chocolaté". There was 3 models to shoot, make up was doneby marylaure and hair by maud . It always a pleasure to work with celine chea . We organize also with her nice shooting class (the next will be on paris in two weeks).
So here is some pics during the shoot

make up on margaux 

Yestarday was birthday party of my lovely ^^ nice moments haha a lot of jokes ^^ So sad to havent received the big present i have ordered last week. Thank to french post as usual .For once because it's not usual for me i have cooked some nice appetizer because i don't like cooking . lol