samedi 24 décembre 2011


 " I watch the moon. Her gaze rippling in ribbons over a night sea. We stand at the cusp where dark water meets dark earth. I long to pull you away from this terrible edge, but instead, you wade in inch by inch. I do not follow . "

What better for today that present you the jewellery of blood milk . Stange and dark jewellery , with crown pow, quartz crystal, pyramid ring .... 

here is a preview of the new lookbook ! If you wanna buy you can find her shop on etsy 

jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Geometrie make up : GARETH PUGH

Such a nice day ! On the mail box this afternoon : my gareth pugh make up from the last M.A.C collection bought directly from the usa . 
And i like it ! really ! I'm a big fan of the triangle shape eyelashes ! I think i can do an interesting shooting with it !
Bought too the lipglass in "vacant" and on eyeshadows in "Ardent" . 

Here is the pics i done : 

Also today i have tried on a girly moment the collagen moistfull essential massage mask fron Etude house brand : and i think it's a cool mask, it leaves my skin very soft and fresh . Easy to house i think it's a perfect thing to put on my travel bag . 


Today i was happy because i have received my dora mojzes dress. After 12 days where package lost on french post office of course. The dress is now at home . 

Dora mojzes is an hungarian fashion designer that create very interesting clothing for men and women . 
She work also with madame peripétie photographer  (i have done an article on her a few month ago ). And , amazing, she is very understanding, send me a lot of messages to try to help me whan package was lost etc . It's a nice person .

I have bought this fabulous dressto wear for the 31th party . 

You can buy some items from her on notjustalabel webstore .

here is some other pics from her work

lundi 19 décembre 2011

PARIS report

Hey dear friends . I'mback from paris . So sad and so happy. Thank for all the amazing moments, all the people i have met. It was sooo nice and i'm so tiredddd right now . 

Jeudi : Arrived on paris at 11pm , take the metroto meet pudding at bastille and have a drink with some friends. Drunk perfecttttt cocktail as i like, and eat (o my gosh) it's a chance, perfect udon . It's remember me so cool japanese time . So thank you to jerome and flo . Back at the pudding home at 10 am lol to prepare the pudding event: Rose de chocolat .

deep purple at le furieux 


pudding's home and tatoo shop moments 

Vendredi : very tired but amazing time with pudding at the tattoo shop. stressed time to because it's the day of the big event for her brand : rose de chocolat .Private party at café lacombe . Meeting nice people as lindsay vitz etc . Petits fours so delicious !!!

pudding hair time 
the new collection from rose de chocolat 

rose de chocolat gift bag 

pics from lindsay blog

Samedi : amazing day ! shopping time ! with ben at paris ! Gone to the new shop popelini at le marais where you can find some delicious petits choux !

after we have done some shopping on le marais and find noir kennedy shop where i have bought nice top . Direction to the new concept store MERCI on paris : it's a big hype shop with a nice deco. Very spacious place whereyou can find also a restaurant and a library. ANd of course don't forget the rick owens shop ^^

merci shop outdoor 

Such a nice moment too at park hyatt hotel, rue de la paix  , to have a drink with friends and after flash cocotte party !!! 

Dimanche : lazy time lol and back to home !