jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Chaow badam .... Madame peripetie and the dream sequence

         Chaow badam ....
A t this time i have a very good feeling with my life, so i'm very confident with the future . I cross my fingers. Even i have a lot of works haha.... 
I have a few new projects to realize soon and i like to have too many things to do , to be on the wave that transport you . It's very breathtaking moment. 
So impatient to go to london on february for some strange shootings with andreas visions, and diego indraccolo.

So cause we talk about photographers , today , i sharing with you , one of my favs photographers. 
Madame peripetie. The dream sequence. 2010.
Her work is very inspirating and amazing. She mix high fashion culture with conceptual ideas to create her own world. Stay on the border line between dreams and nightmares, that explore the vibes behind the fog. For me her work materialize the power of the inconscient. That's remember me some automatic writing texts.
A tiny bit of mysteriousness with a point of darkness. Refresh your ideas. Now you can close your eyes and wake up . 

mardi 18 janvier 2011


Today we'll talk about peacocky feminate style ! yes it's time for edgy feminate women, with extra long false eyelashes, cuban thigh hi and very very high heels.
I'm verry impatient about the new collection of MAC make up.

Inspirate by peacock shiny effects: the new winter line will decline a lot of eyeshadows and blushs with shimery effects and brown , blue, purple tons. I already bought the mac venomous villain because it's a kind of color i like to wear with dark clothes and can feat purple eyeshadown , green , black and grey . 
 so here we go for some preview (pic via temptalia) :

Enchantee, Exxxhibitionist, Flaunting It, Love Peck, Peacocky, Scandelicious

MAC Odalisque Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Prance Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Unflappable Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Centre Stage Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Dalliance Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Dandizette Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Mating Call Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Noir Plum Mega Metal Eyeshadow

So i think on the peacock collection i'll try sure  mating call, and odalisque maybe but i'm not sure blue is the perfect color for my skin . 
These will be available on January 6th in North America and February Internationally, and will retail for $19.50.

 At this time it's true is the kind of shade i like , maybe that remember you shooting picture with Luna-tike and dita make with a perfect peacock style make up to feat with the atsuko kudo dress and latex neckpieces customize by myself with real green bugs .

If you like peacock stuff you can find maybe also these ones interested ^^

lundi 10 janvier 2011


if you don't know jeffrey campbell shoes you need to know for sure . 

Check out the website here: Jeffrey Campbell. 

today i have bought my first pair after a long time of undecision lol

So i have finally choose the clinic model. Cause i was looking for a winter style but with metal plate or studsand multiple leather. Cause i find that so sexy. So it's a long time my royal feet need these shoes and finally find on the net! My frist love was sold out, the leather spats boots one. So sad. So finally choosen clinic, like the metal plates on sides, it's a very jeffrey campbell famous design. 

Jeffrey campbell's shoes are not very expensive and good quality. Almost ALL of the styles are below $200 USD. So cool ! 

 So are you in love with jeffrey campbelle ? what's your fav pairs ?

samedi 8 janvier 2011

SASS BIDE.... master of time

Sometimes I dream I could be the master of time. I only sleep a few hours by night. Too many work to do.

I'm so happy 'cause during the Xmas period, I received so many sweet mails, comments, gifts from friends and fans that live on the other side of the planet . They all deserve a big THANK YOU !

Today's outfit : SASS & BIDE is one of my favorite brands at the moment. Make up mac gold and venomous villain, bangle alexis bittar

It's an Australian brand. Hhaha I actually bought a lot of things from Australia. Need to go there someday.

So first I bought my “rats leggings”. They're very cool and good quality leggings, very shinny, and the pleated effect is so cool . And I'd been looking for a long time for Almost Moon dress
that I finally found, my size and brand new, on ebay. 

I like the geometric and classy style of the brand's last collection, and also the few tops or dresses structured in 2 or 3 parts, embellished with beads. I think these are must-haves in my wardrobe. Consequently I'll try to buy some other items from this brand next month . Sass & bide is an unique style , difficult to describe but recognisable.

I'm going out now! Have a nice Week-End!

lundi 3 janvier 2011


Have you seen the last givenchy collection 2011. So interesting leather mask design. That's remember me one character in Hell boy film. Steampunk idea.

I think at this time we have a very good period on runway etc with a lot of very uncommon ideas. 
So you can check the ideo to see the complete collection. 

mask's details


dimanche 2 janvier 2011


Time to move.
Time to change.
Time for new things and new talks.
This blog will all be in English with a few french but in the end, it's the way I like it.
I have a lot of foreigner readers
I changed a bit my style, it's not a real change in fact because I've never been the kind of person you can typecast, but it's true my satisfaction was no longer complete with my “all pink” style and also fed up to be assimilated to wrong things. (I am often badmouthed by too young french people, that talk without really knowing me and prone to have a manga or kawaii style .) So I'm still a PINK GIRL in my mind but my new style suits me better at the moment, it suits my actual state of mind, and my feelings about the way of life I have always kept .
So I hope you'll like what I'll do now, and if you don't, in fact, I don't care . I live for myself.

Yesterday I received a few surprises haha . So first, in my mail box were my orders from “all saints” .

It's an UK fashion brand that produce interesting clothing inspired by classy rock, edgy style and minimalist concept. You can find a selection of men, women and even kids clothes: I think the most interesting items are the vintage and printed t-shirts with amazing and strange designs, and also some knitted tops.

Here is the band's website:

It's a pleasure to receive this kind of package because sometimes when you order on websites, etc..; you receive your items simply wrapped in a bubbly paper.
Here is a picture of the packaging I needed to show you. It is in fact the kind of style I'd like and I'm looking for, for my own brand's boxes too .
Then when you open the box , the items are wrapped in an antique like style fabric with allsaints taped on it. Love it.
I'm a very big fan of interesting designs, completely achieved like that .

I ordered my two favorites designs
The “Forgotten” tank top and the “Dark Dreams” one.

Here are a few pictures of other interesting styles you can find on the website. The parachute dress is really one of my favorites.