jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Chaow badam .... Madame peripetie and the dream sequence

         Chaow badam ....
A t this time i have a very good feeling with my life, so i'm very confident with the future . I cross my fingers. Even i have a lot of works haha.... 
I have a few new projects to realize soon and i like to have too many things to do , to be on the wave that transport you . It's very breathtaking moment. 
So impatient to go to london on february for some strange shootings with andreas visions, and diego indraccolo.

So cause we talk about photographers , today , i sharing with you , one of my favs photographers. 
Madame peripetie. The dream sequence. 2010.
Her work is very inspirating and amazing. She mix high fashion culture with conceptual ideas to create her own world. Stay on the border line between dreams and nightmares, that explore the vibes behind the fog. For me her work materialize the power of the inconscient. That's remember me some automatic writing texts.
A tiny bit of mysteriousness with a point of darkness. Refresh your ideas. Now you can close your eyes and wake up . 

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  1. cette série de photos qd je l'avais vue j'étais émerveillée c'est de "toute beautée" des images comme je les aime merci de me faire découvrir ça :)