mercredi 26 octobre 2011

vaskolg necklace

Today i have received on my mail box the fabulous piece of olga owner of vaskolg sculpture jewellery .
She design very interesting avant gardist necklace . Some of her jewellery is inspire by the nature, flowers and some other ones are more futurist.
don't forget to check her website

my one

some other design :

samedi 22 octobre 2011

shopping again and again and 5 preview

             Today as yesterday i have done a lot of shopping on the net ! bad bad bad girl ! lol 
So i have bought some cardigans (the vince one with stripes it's my favorites ) , alexander wang boots and one new 5 preview top . 

5 preview hs ulpoad new items for this winters a lot of black , dark , clothing for everyday . Here is some other items you can find directly on the bigcartel of 5previw :

and you can find a new cool bag and this time there is a small pocket inside ! the only thing that miss to the one i have bought one year ago

big cartel treasury jewellery

Today i'm sick so i tay at home and deceide to look some shop on big cartel website . And i was happy to disover some really cool stuffs. Here is some shop i like :
 If you like big and chunky jewellery , avant gardist and simple style

halston cuff copper or black perspex ; 155$ to 270$

matching necklace big lucite collar 220$

from i have find this cool ring :
wide nut ring 114$ is a shop where you can find interesting rings, necklaces

dear imagination cuff 

love on the left bank 

the celsea necklace :

vendredi 21 octobre 2011

long long day

i have a thing i can't support : it's doing anything. i need to stay at home due to my broken foot. And i'll stay one week more . beurk ! so i have nothing to do . And of course it's time for internet shopping ! the best way to spend time lol 
Cause cold time is come i have bought some winter clothes :  lena quist leggings with cross again :) 
some offbrand leggings and other accessories 

talk to you soon 

mardi 18 octobre 2011

foot broken and modeling time /lena quist

hum a few sad today : sunday i have broken my foot during a cool barbecue ! so upset ! i have waiting until monday to go to the doctor etc and now i need to stay one week at home ! 
so i used this time to put more news on my daily blog ^^ 
here is a series of picstures realized with yann malotti two weeks ago :

 during this shoot i have use the beautifull bottle of crystall skull vodka . Thank to my sweet fan wilfred to shipped to me from the usa !

i have used for this shoot some nice pasties i have from nikkilisptick ! so impatient to receive other one ^^ 
if you want buy the same check out her shop :

and also i used a fabulous leggings from lena quist. Lena quist is a clothing designer i discovered on etsy a long time ago . Now she propose more avant gardist and dark clothing. So i like her work really . 
here is the link of her shop :

here you can find some other creations from lena quist i like ^^ and picsture of the package i received! i like people that use cool package to send their stuff!