lundi 28 février 2011


            Hey everyone.... So today i have deceide to do a review for the new mac and make up for ever i have bought on london and also for the perfectly amazing top/dress i have bought to Black milk. 

Today outfit
top : black milk deconstructed mini
leggings : ebay
shoes : japan 109 shop
cuff : chanel
necklace : handmade
ring : the black cross forever 21

i have bought recently this deconstrusted mini dress from BLACK milk .

And i really like the semi transparent effect of this top ! and for only 90 $ i think it's a cool price. 

For all the people that don't know Black milk it's a cool label that produce amazing leggings with nice geometric shapes and pvc parts and also very interesting fabric . Deconstrusted clothing it's not a brand new concept but i like the feating of this dress. 

You can check her blog too if you want :

I have also bought a top/dress from rouge and noir and i'll maybe done a report on the few next day.

I have try today new make up of the Mac peacocky. I have bought the mac noir plum eye shadow and also the odalisque and i use this one today. Make up for ever eye shadows: some nice dark gold colors : choco d'or and jubilee.

here you can find some close up of the make up. To realize i use mac "goldmine" , make up for ever "choco d'or", mac "stars'n'rockets", mac "beautifull iris" , and mac "odalisque". I blend a few the color to create the transition effect . 

mercredi 23 février 2011


            Hey guys i'm back yesterday from few days to london. Worked today so i take time now to write few lines on my blog. 

             London was great but a little special. It's not my first time on london but i was a few sad to see some changes in the mind of some english people against french and some bad reaction.  But london is always amazing and i was happy to have good time with my boyfriend here. I have also meet princess pudding and i was reallyhappy because it's a few month i can't come on paris to see some of my friends . 
So i have take also 2 days off more and i have a good feeling. We have miss our fly saturday morning and need to stay two days more if you didn't want to pay fly ticket at more of 300£ (yes it's not a joke! ). haha . I have checked before leave france the london train website but aparantly enought to see there is no direct train to gatwick from kingcross international saturday . So more time to be on london ! 
So sad to see london underground is again and again more expensive.... just for 5 days maybe i have spent i think more of 50€ to pay transport fees . 
But to be on london is always a pkeasure and i feel more destress on uk thank in France of course.
            So we arrived thursday at 9pm just in time to go to the hotel, put the luggage and walk direct to camden to have a break and lunch on a cool pub . Hahaha yes we like pub, and guiness ! lol ! Especially guiness .  

before .......

and after ....................

yes guinness can turn you crazy ! 

We have take time to go to picadilly, leceister square, china town and of course shopping time on camden town, oxford street etc .

camden street 

some nice pub
a cool ice cream shop that remember me japan !

I have find a cool top at the topshop and also some cool stuff from urban outfiders. 
topshop new collection 

And bought a tons of fashion magazines that i'll do a small report on the next few days . 
I was gone to the selfridge too .
selfridges teddies

you like candies ? me yes ! ;)

Amazing amazing but i need definitly mire time to shopping lol I was just a few sad about the too smallest balmain section and alexander mcqueen haha . 

There is a big event and make up staff for the presentation of the new mac line inspare by WONDER WOMAN. 
with the two french wonder woman 

I'm not a fan of this collection : the tons are for me too mate and pale but the packaging featuring the red, yellow, slpash color of wonder woman is cool ! You can find tree eyeshadow box lady justice, vaillant and defiance (around 40$), two new blush amazon princess and mighty aphrodite (around 24$) and two wolor of nail lacquer : spirit of true and obey me (coool name ! haha) .

We have also gone to carnaby street and around. such a lovely place! I have find my new lomography flash ring , the last one on the shop ! and take a few minutes on the Beyond the Valley shop . 
illamasqua make up shop where you can find pair of really amazing eyelashes 

lomography and beyond the valley shop 

haha my new lomography flash on the bag ! 
on the underground with loic 

lovely doing some sex drawings on my beer haha

just a funny pic at the hotel , me by me with my new canon 

We have take time to go to restaurants, eat english chips and sweet cheesake on camden pub with Pudding !
pudding with her coffee

yes i look a few tired ! i was sick! :(

cheese cake !best thing ever !

magners one of my favorite ciders !

Friday, i shooted with diego Indraccolo . Amazing shoot with origami theme stylist by Kay 

I'm very impatient to see the result. I have take pic of the entrance of the studio. Like the design of all the mail bow and also i'm a big fan of the industrial door.

mine bodyguard 

                I gone to 3 or 4 all saints shop and i'm fall in love with the design of the store. I want a loft mixing hangar, industrial and wood. Need more vintage retro deco stuff for my home haha: more old steel with old wood chairs etc .
all saints shop on regent's street

all saints shop

all saints shop on camden