jeudi 17 février 2011

CROW into the dark

CROW mood today 

i'm a fan of crow creation, crow jewellery and stuffs

so i present you today : the small earring i have realize to me 

crow pagan pow earring handmade by myself , if you want one ask me 

You can find at this time a few artist that use taxidermy stuffs, and especially crow. These is the list of some of my favs find on the web : 

First Pamela Love is really one of my favorite. I like the skull ring and the talon cuff. Prices are around 625 $ to 1000$ . If you're looking for a less expensive pieces you can find on etsy a cool shop named " Moon raven designs " where you can find a raven talon crow cuff bracelet for 125$ and the matching ring for 55$ 
Also i'm a big fan of their black bird skull and i 'm fall in love with the black raven skull hair tie piece.
And cause it's essential don't forget our small friends : a very cute skull bird necklace for kitty ! Such a great idea! for only 11$ !

Also i'm really happy because i have received my new canon 500 d and i find the result very great !Now i just need to buy my lomography ring flash and all will be perfect .
So i'll come back to london with a lot of new pics. 

and i have also received after 2 month my chanel cuff . So beautifull . 

now i'll go to london so see you soon !

4 commentaires:

  1. mon dieu... c'est une vraie patte?

  2. J'adore les corbeaux, j'ai toujours trouvé ca superbe...

  3. I love crow ... mostly alive XD
    It's too strange but why no n_n

  4. oui c'est une vrai pâte de corbeau

    and yes me too i love crow mostly alive but use parts of animal dead naturaly