mercredi 29 mai 2013

MY TOP TEN of japanese products

Hello dearest one !
During the last weeks i received a tons of mails about japanese beauty products. What kind of products i use, what's the best shampoo for me etc so i deceide to explain here my "TOP TEN" of japanese cosmetics. I hope that can help you . Of course if you are interested by something leave me a mail ( ) and i can ship to you on october.
I accept BANK transfer and PAYPAL for shopping service order.

Alors aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de faire ce petit article suite aux nombreux messages que j'ai reçus en rapport avec mon shopping service en direct de Tokyo  ou vous me demandiez pas mal de conseils pour les cosmétiques japonaises. Quel produits j'utilisent, quel shampoing ? etc. Donc j'ai décidé de vous faire en quelque sorte mon TOP TEN  des produits japonais que jepréfére. 
Donc si vous êtes intéressés par une commande n’hésitez pas à m'envoyer un mail ( ) et je pourrais vous l'envoyer en octobre. 
J'accepte les VIREMENTS BANCAIRES et paypal. 
I need to tell first this list is personnal. Each skin is different. I have a normal skin without spots, just tired eyes sometimes and need a good mosturing cream.

so lets go !

Tout d'abord je tiens bien-sur à préciser que cette liste est personnelle, car chaque peau est différente. En ce qui me concerne j'ai une peau normale quoique parfois un peu sèche, pas de boutons, juste quelques cernes. 

Donc commençons !

 FACE MASK : yes i'm a big fan about face mask. Why? just because it's really easy to use, can put on your handbag, travel bag and you can refresk you skin everywhere. So my first advice it's for me the number one the skII eye and face signature mask. Amazing a few expensive i know but it's the mask you need if you want be The Girl Of The party, before a shooting, after a long travel.

My second choice it's the Etude house collagen moistfull massage mask (you can find it also in sheet face mask )
I recommand too the Etude house Open your eyes eye patch ! and the Q10 eyes patch too.

Also if you need by very tiny mask : this is for you . Small pressed face mask by Shiseido around 400yen. You just need a small bottle of matching lotion .

Maybe you have find on the net a lot of strange or amazing products from japan that can promise a tons of amazing efects. One i have tried and like it it's the collagen Drink. You buy 14 small bottles drink one per day and your skin is ready for autaumn or winter, stay soft and strong. My advice it's take during one month.

One of my favorite beauty products ever from japan The shu ueumura cleansing oil. Try it and you never use something else. It's the best makeup remover i know. It works on waterproff makeup too. Leaves your skin soft, refresh, clean, and firming. You have a lot of choice, the new one formula is very great but at the end i prefer the green one.

Your best friend for hot summer will be blotting paper. I use black blotting paper perfect to remove excess of oil due to high temperature without remove your makeup. Around 60yen to 300 yen.

One of my favs products it's the Z! contact eye drops. I wear correction contact lenses and you know i don't sleep a lot so my eyes are sometimes a little red. So THIS is the solution ! This eye drops are a few strong with cooling mint effect at the beginning but it's perfect for my eyes. And it's a very famous product on japan.

Here is one thing i have always on my bag : body powder sheet! Great to refresh you anywhere you are! Perfect for traveling, use it on airplane, or just before leaving , after work!
My favorite stay the Happy bath day powder sheet roses smells. But Biore or kase are greats too. It's around 400 yen and 800 yen for a pack.
AND this is avalable also for men !

If you like powder for body you'll find on japan a tons of it. Happy bath day with a rose smells and cute package but you can find too peach smells with SkinFood.
One of my favorite stay the anna sui for the packaging and smells.

I use once a week body scrub! I have the use on black sugar scrub and it's a few strong. So my two favorites japanes body scrubs are the jill stuart body scrub sweet and girly and also the sugar scrub from Skinfood.

So a lot of yours ask me what king of shampoo i use with my white hair. Also you need to know i wear a few human extensions. So a lot of shampoo can damage tiny hair or extensions. I have tried many shampoo and treatment and my CHOICE it's the non silicone shampoo. I bougth on tokyo everytime : You can find 2 brands : La Pudeur and also Nudy Aura the both are very great. My hair are soft, shinny, smells good. Around 1900 yen bottle.

MY favorite hair spray are japanese of course. Compact you can put on your bag . Don't damage the haire or extensions and you can take off easily. Strong or light choose what you want !

And if you're looking for hair wax my advice (no it's not gatsby!) but Deuxer ! yes it's more expensive but....

mercredi 22 mai 2013

Xday whislist

next month my birthday comming, my whislist at this time 
if you want help me with it 

helmut lang skirt
zana bayne harness
lynda farrow sunglasses felegree
gareth pugh clutch
katie kallager leggings
bloodmilk ring
larissa hadjio snake clutch
linda farrow sunglasses

mardi 14 mai 2013


snake on yours fingers

today i fall in love with the new collection of marc jacobs anemone:

 black yellow white stripes as a coral snake

so impressive design !

i need this amazing bangle :
avalable online on marcjabobs website

i'm thinking to buy the flats sandals, cuff and iphone case but so sad only avalable for iphone 5!

future jewellery

I need too present the jewellery of uriel salas. I discover her amazing pieces on my last shooting on paris and fall in love with the design, concept and pieces.

i need to add these on my whislist of course!