samedi 8 mars 2014

Syn-ake snake face masks

today's cause we are a lot to asked me who's the best japanese makeup mask etc i have deceide to compare 
black beauty mask with on f the new famous product syn-ake . 

so first who's syn-ake : it's a similar peptide to snake venom use at this time in a lot of cosmetics to help skin to firming, lifting. 
syn-ake receive a swiss technology award in biology in 2006. 

so let's go... here is the masks i bought 

Fisrt one Syn-ake lifting gel mask from SKIN79 leave the mask 20 to 30 min on your face. Two parts , gel clear texture. Very soft and fresh mask. It's one of my fav. When you put it on your face it's fresh and you fell it's an active mask. you can feel the firming and lifting effect. 

 The second one is the Syn-ake by POWER wrinkle black mask leave the mask 15 to 20 min on your face. I think it's lso one of my favorite. It's a big one mask, black color : 2 holes for ears to place the mask perfectly and it cover under the neck too. It's a soft mask. Very fresh and active the skins is better. One of the most effective with firming and lifting effects. 

And the last one it's Sseal syn-ake mask sheet by THE FACSHOP apply 15 -20 min on your face. It's a classic cotton sheet one. I think it's the less efficient. It's a little mosturizing not so soft. So i'll not buy this one again i think cause i prefer the two others ones more similar to the skII products i love.