samedi 17 septembre 2011


by eleanor amoroso 

i like this kind of piece i think i'll buy one or more on the next few weeks 

dimanche 4 septembre 2011

herborist review sephora

           Today ideceide to write fially my review about the sephora herborist products . I have already tried some items of the range and i'll expose you my point of vue . 

The motto of 'Herborist' is that ' it combines traditional chinese treatment methods with modern developments in biotechnology'.
The product range consists of face, body and hair care products, aromatheraphy oils .


The black mask is Yin, it purifies the upper skin layers and eliminates dust, traces of make-up and dead skin cells. The white mask is Yang, it soothes, softens and leaves a radiant complexion.

my review : due the price of the products i think you can find best products that works better . I think it take a too long time for the ritual and i really prefer some shue uemura porducts . so i was desapointed. 


This light and refreshing eye gel penetrates the skin around the eye contour, allowing it to absorb abundant nutrients, water and oxygen. It stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation to reduce puffiness and dark circles. 

My review : defintaly not work on me ! i used during more of one week and i have any effects. yes, when i put it i can see any instant effects. anything at all . 


 This soft cream helps the skin retain its radiance and elasticity. When used regularly, it effectively helps reduce the visible signs of ageing while fading wrinkles and fine lines.

 My review : the same as the other one . No effects. Just a classic moisturizer cream . But a few oily i think because the morning i need to clean my face. 


This refreshing action relieves sensations of tightness as though a delicious cold sorbet had been applied to the skin, leaving it feeling fabulously soft.

My review : YES ! it's done! the only products of the range i can bought it's this one . A very cool sensation of icing, very soft. i used it on my legs when i walked all the day . haha perfect to finish a big shopping day . ! 

So i'm really desapointed about this range of products, i think due the price it's not a verry good range, no effects on my skins, very oily products so i can't recommand it for oily skins or dry skins . And i prefer some products as clinique, clarins .... for the same price. 

air, feather, spirit....


vera yang 

vera yang