lundi 30 mai 2011

CHANTILLY's castle week end

hello dear friends
This week end was a very busy week end . I have take the train saturday end afternoon to gone on paris for a photoshoot sunday with levi brok . i have met my friend princess pudding at hotel de ville and after she offered me the HD dinner's lunch . So cute . I was really happy because it's a long time i wanna gone to this dinners . Hummm cheesake was so good !

Of course we have talked a lot about girls things haha and after go back to pudding's home to talk again haha and sleep a little befire the long day of shooting.

We are arrived early to begin the shoot at the castle . All the staff was great claire and anais at the make up and hair. Ans i was happy to meet again lady chips and whilhemma, scarlet river , alois meyer and vanessa the stylist .

We have have done a lot of pics on the catle and outdoor too with vintage car . It was a long working day but i was happy . We have shoot with latex outfit from vanessa and o my god it was too hot on the latex.  The only desapointed facts i think was to have all the tourist that look us as feaks during the shoot in the castle. But the place was totally amazing and so beautifull and i like to shoot on the purple room .After we have changed outfit for the outdoor shoot so i have choose one of my favorite day's outfit with my zane bayne harnes ^^

Just after the shoot i go back to the train station, just few minutes to have a drink with pudding  and try to arrive in time at home haha but with french services it was not done and it was more complicated to back home .


mardi 24 mai 2011

week end to montpellier with the chippen death

This week end i was on the road with the chippen death team for our montpellier show . So of course when you 'are with chippen death it's anyway a crazy week end lol i have choose to upload only the more descent pics lol .
It was a great moment and i was happy to meet some old friends from old internet forum ^^ 
For this week end my hair stylist deceide to offer me a pin up hair style . So cool to begin the week end like that . 

yes xhippen death staff need a lot of concentration before show and also a lot of atention lol

of course we stopped to quick to have a brunch and i was so happy to discover the banane milk shake with pink haribo miam !

ninou eat a too strong candy ? lol

popo is thinking about something what ? !

we are back the sunday on the afternoon and we have very interesting moment on the road lol especially when david and loic deceided to show their ass on other cars lol 

of course when you're chippen death and you wanna buy some drink on road you're on the most simple apparel lol

thank you anyway to all for this great show .