mardi 10 mai 2011

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

         Today as usual was a busy day. Yes i try to done a lot of things in 3 hours with my job and i discover a perfect french day haha : my iphone was dead and try to change with my french operator to have a new one . Very complicate :! especially when people to Orange don't care what you explain so i deceide to go to SFR and open a line (after tried to call Orange number to know how much i'll pay for the closed lined and to only andswer just try to call later ! amazing) . So finally i was on the way for the iphone 4, looking on my bag for my check and ooo godd forget at work lol . Try to go to the bank office nearest the shop to have a RIB and cash mashine was broke so wait during 10 min to have the printed paper lol . Go back to the SFR shop after 2 hour and finally it's mine now . WOW! 

i'll bought on the next few days the NUU minikeyboard because i think the main negative point of the iphone it's the fact i can't write a lot of mail or long text message because sometimes i'm fed up by the small digit touch. 

here is some interesting pcs find on the net : i like design yes ^^

for all the camera fan :

if you prefer broken design

or maybe you're more eco style :

and of course don't forget the kawaii girl inside us, bunny is so cool


               As promise a long time ago i ulpoad today some pics i take off mag bought in london on my last travel. Super Super is a really good surprise. It's remember me some japanese magazine on the look. 

of course the big wonderland mag :

i have discover Still magazine and fall in love with the look of the magazine. I like this kind of avant gardist fashion magazine. 

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  1. Tiens j'avais encore jamais vu cette histoire de petit clavier pour l'iphone 4, de quoi réconcilier un grand nombre de personnes avec les tactiles :)