mardi 3 mai 2011

TRUE LIES is born

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Because teeth are more precious than gold we must take care of them. All True Lies jewelery are handmade carefully with real human hair and teeth. Therefore each Tooth is different and unique.
I collect them from friends, and lovely people. They are all sterilized, well cleaned and varnished.

True Lies is an unusual brand meant for unusual people. Met it deals with the conscience, the unconscious  and the profound dark feelings with have towards life. An open door, facing truth and lies. Lies people believe to be true, dragging the emotions, the fears, we try to hide or deny.
True  Lies is the art of Intus et in Cute.

shooting :
photographer :
jewellery : TRUE LIES
make up : Krystalo
stylism : true lies and Ronitt

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  1. Wahou, félicitation, les bijoux sont magnifiques et j'adore l'idée des dents!
    J'ai vraiment hâte de découvrir le site internet.
    Et les photos sont superbes, ça donne vraiment envie tous ces bijoux!!

  2. I love i love l'ambiance! C'est vraiment super, le résultat est encore mieux que ce que je m'étais imaginé!

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  4. le site est ouvert et la boutique fonctionne