samedi 21 septembre 2013

mardi 3 septembre 2013

put a smile on your face

it's a long time i haven't write makeup review. But i have recently some amazing cosmetics i need to present.
First maybe you have notice the boum of the bio/vegan cosmetics shop on etsy. Yes etsy it's a really good place to discover some new brands.

So i'll talk today about MUYLINDACOLLECTION

you can buy via etsy, ebay, but also on the website
just drop a line and tell you come from NAFRAYOU

If you're looking for rich color, nice design it's the lipstick you need.
I'm totally fan of the geometric design that can feat perfectly my bathroom storage from japan! Such an amazing surprise.

My favorite stay of course the yellow one "lemon lust". it's a daffodil yellow not to bright not to dark and it's not turn to orange tons. 
It's a rich lipstick stay      

here is the list of the lipstick you can find :
of course yellow called "lemon lust"

blue called "kool" 

red called "vip status"
purple one of my fav called "purple pumps"

green called "mula"

and of course a pink called "mylove"