vendredi 27 décembre 2013

rose winter skin ritual

          Are you looking for a relaxing time in your bathroom, this is my ritual skincare for a good night.
Of course you need to like roses fragrances. Why we like rose cosmetics, cause rose it's a natural ingredient that replenish the moisture in the skin. 

1st step :
 i use the organic rose skin conditioner from meishoku brand to refeshing  a little bit my face after cleansing. it comes from japan. And this lotion smells sooooo god. 

Then i use skII LXP ultimate perfecting cream that infuses the skin with a light rose fragrance. 
How to use : 

So now you're ready for winter.

mardi 10 décembre 2013

eye eye eye

Again and again a makeup review today and again a japanese products yes. You know i'm a japanese makeup addicts and today i want to present you one of the best makeup pen i try :

the powder & pencil eyebrown from excel 

this pencil it's perfect if you like nude makeup style and natural eyebrown style.

So very easy to use, long stay . I have bought the darkest color of the range and i use on my nude makeup day. 3 steps :
1 use the pencil side first , after use the brush and then use the powder pencil side and tou are ready.

price range is around 15$

samedi 7 décembre 2013


i have discovered this amazing artist on seibu store tokyo. Japanese artist n. meister create elegant and interesting items with natural strong feelings. 

The silhouette of the spoon, fork and knife are warped and crooked, to recall prehistoric flint implements. It’s difficult to make the pieces’ rough, nonstandard forms by machine, so the firm had to rely on its artisans’ sensibility, skill and handwork.  The pieces’ thickness and weight recalls stone, too, and we flattened the pieces’ backs to further make the connection with cutlery carved from lumps of stone, pressing the metal sheets seven times, rather than the usual one. We sandblasted the concave areas of the surface for a matte finish and polished the rest to a mirror-like smoothness and shine, so that the pieces feel carved out of the metal.

i'm totally fall in love with the chopsticks designs

also working  with creating the amazing structure on tokyo midtown :

lundi 2 décembre 2013

dark christmas

Yes it's not a joke christmas is still in one month so this year i have used on the web a list to create my dreaming whislist . 

i need to tell a big thank you to everyone that follow me from past and for all yours sweets gifts, cards etc ...

i wish you all a merry christmas time 

dimanche 1 décembre 2013


today's i will present one of the  beauty products i used and really like it from Helena Rubinstein :

"Since 2009, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have been innovating in the field of plant biotechnology, developing original formulas based on plant stem cells. In 2011, with Prodigy Powercell, Helena Rubinstein signed off a veritable technological feat, capturing the full power of sea fennel stem cells in a range of youth grafting skincare products. "

the pordigy powercell lotion and cream on the prodigy prowercell range. 
You can find also in this range eye patch and i can compare at the SKII products. 
It'll become my favorite with orchidee guerlain but in less expensive. So it's my advice for youth and firming skin.