mercredi 25 juillet 2012


st tropezsea ▼  sun remember the past burger partyrunway firework papagayostarbucks sex on the beach gone away sushi again again aix pierre reboul amazing creative food pipi d'ange   

mercredi 11 juillet 2012

pink wedding for pink princess

Here is some pics from the princess pudding wedding ! taken a few weeks ago near paris !
amazing time with cute deco, food etc 
And yes juste cause pudding ask me i was dress with a lilas dress ! rainbow time !


more pic on the official pudding's blog :

lundi 2 juillet 2012


fabulous weeks sea ▼  sun wine birthday party cocotte paris gift starbucks wedding geometric food popcorn barbecue pink champagne menard tired tired tired TCHOUHOU park hyatt cocktails ▼ ladurée ▼ Paris

in fact a lot of amazing moments

 ▼ Life is what you make it ▼