dimanche 31 juillet 2011


       Few days ago i was happy to received my new rick owens hair comb ordered on the wab and the new sass & bide dress . I deceided to dress me with the both for the party yesterday. 

I'll use the rick owens on the next few days for a photoshoot too .
I like rick owens . i think it's one of my two favorites designers . the comb is very cool . I like the horn style very
tribal, minimal, and androgynous. i like the concept of a simplistic pointy design. Each model’s mane was slicked back with as little product as possible into a sleek bun.

an this is other model of rick owens combs :

and the new sass bide dress : pics coming soon 

vendredi 29 juillet 2011


       This morning, motivated i deceide to create something big to don't losse my keys everywhere on my bag as susual . Because i was fed up to put of all my pouch , sunglasses, wallet etc out of bag to find the keys lol . 
So i have used a purple tail with a big onyx ring and a pvc shiny strap to create the perfect key keeper. 

jeudi 28 juillet 2011


If you don't know SHIN clothing it's time to you to open your eyes. 

I have discover this brand recently and i like the design . As you know i like geometric, asymetric style and thats rememeber some rick owens influence but more affordable . So my advice i's don't forget to check the shop :


           Today outfit : with my new top recently received from on a shop i like blood is a new black

 top : vertabrae from blood is a new black
necklace by myself
skirt : leather stripped asos
leopard black leggings ebay
balmain studded shoes

you can find the website here :

and the shop ;
for man and woman too 

some of my favorite models :

the one i choose vertebrae tank top : 

dirty flaws tank top :

collage skull women top :

altered states tantk yop : 

lundi 25 juillet 2011


             Received my yumaki toothbrush today. Final point of vue : a good toothbrush to keep in your handbag if you're not at home, a pretty cool design and a good grip . So keeped in my bag . 

jeudi 21 juillet 2011


yesterday outfit : just for the fun 

make up : mac eye shadows grey and black carbon , mac fondation and of course mac blush 
tube top : ebay 
obey dark star tank top 
necklace handmade by myself 
leather striped asos skirt with black shiny leggings 
and balmain flat shoes studded 

mercredi 20 juillet 2011


            Received today another pair of shoes i have order . My Joe's Jeans Bijou Suede Wedge Booties. 
Threre was not my size 7 when i ordered it so i have take an 8 . It's a few big but i hope it'll oki. That remember me a few a jeffrey campbell style . 

mardi 19 juillet 2011


       The only positive point today it's a have received one of my fabulous pair of shoes . Sad weather and sad mood for the rest . 

lundi 18 juillet 2011

life not the right melody

              Sometimes in life people are as some jacks and sometimes it's difficult to find the right input . Sometimes two people can be in harmony but doesn't play the same melody . Hard to find the song of the love , the song to keep a true love . Playing to this game it's difficult and sometimes the only way it's to play the sounds of silence .
Life is a strange cacophony of discordant mixture of heart. The hardest thing it's to find the right.

pic by hedi slimane