vendredi 8 juillet 2011


              F as FORWARD one of my favorite website where find great clothes . 
This is my shopping items for today because i need a few new things . I'm a few unhappy for a lot of things i wanna do but i can't at this time . I have a lot of idea but not enough time to do etc . So shopping it's sometime a good deal to smile again hahaha . 

Wide Sleeve Sweater FIFTH AVENUE 


with fifth avenue top too


and also i have bought two more leather pockets to range iphone and all the stuff i can put on my f****** bag haha because i have a woman bag you know lol. I have find it on etsy . 

AND this CUTEEEE iphone case. Yes i have find on ebay and ican't resist to buy it. I'm a big fan of kitty things so i'm so impatient to receive it . I'll have an iphone cat haha . 

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