mardi 17 mai 2011


Hum i'm very tired about the week end but i take few minutes to write for you the review .

So first, friday night we have done a cool barbecus with some friends, and sleep at 5 of the morning lol Such a cool time to begin sunday. Sunday was the chippen death show at the local, marseille. Nice party where i can seen jerome (one of my best friends) so cool . So i have ulpoad just funny picsture of the outfit : of course because it was a glam party i have take with my my latex kitty harnes ^^

latex top HMS skirt japan stuff alexander mcQueen leggings, louboutin shoes and i(d) harness shoes 

After back home at 3 am to wake up at 5.30, speed to take the train with zia and laura, for the shooting class on paris . Thank so much again to Loic to pick up me at the train
Of course because it was saturday i havent find any kind of am pm open and celine chea's brother needs to go to china town to buy a few more food and drinks for all the girls .
this time we have deceided to organize this 4th shooting class at a rivoli hotel. We have rent the breakfeast room and use the decor to shoot the girls. 

yes of course the morning we are all without make up haha .such a shame ! lol
we have met the girls at the train station and all the rest directly in front of the hotel with charlotte the other make up 

the water bar

makeup meeting 

makeup time one by one julia and charlotte create 3 diferents make up for each girls and give some personnal advices 

yes 7 girls! it's a lot of clothing stuff of course !

when you make up all day sometime you can turn crazy lol

laureline our beautifull graou lady 

Ita was a verry cool moment . Thank so much for all the participants, and celine chea for the picture, Julia and charlotte for the make up. So intense day to take picsture of the 7 girls, make up, coatching and hair . Piouf . We leave paris at 9 to come back on marseille and just pray to sleep a few before the beginning of the new week haha.

So by the way , here is a report of some new face mask i have bought on ebay and use this week end.
Cause of course i can't do nothing without my eye patch lol . I have deceided this time to try some of skin food products and i'm a few sad. I think i prefer reallythe pure japanese fasce mask bought on japan. The effects of the mask it's not very noticiable for the price around 7$ each . And i prefer to usa my chanel day cream and revitalizing lotion i think . But i really like the hand mask it's a cool products if you want very soft hand in 10 min max lol .

I wish you a nice day and see you soon for new pictures soon ^^

4 commentaires:

  1. géniale tes photos de dimanche :) si tu pouvais m'les envoyé pr mon album souvenir :) merci encore c'était cool de te revoir t'es tjrs aussi gentille et pleine de trucs qui pétillent en toi. c'est vraiment agréable d'être en ta compagnie :)

  2. Nice report, j'adore les photos backstage on a l'impression de revivre la journée^^ Ça a été un super moment, merci pour tout!!

  3. Coucou, voilà un petit moment que je suis ton blog, et je voulais te dire (même si je sais que ce n'est pas le genre de commentaire qu'on aime lire ou je ne sais quoi encore) que tu es sublime, tu as un style bien à toi enfin bref ... MAGNIFIQUE!

    Malheureusement je ne comprends pas l'anglais donc je ne peux faire attention aux nombreux petits textes qui accompagnent les photos.

    Bonne continuation à toi.