samedi 8 janvier 2011

SASS BIDE.... master of time

Sometimes I dream I could be the master of time. I only sleep a few hours by night. Too many work to do.

I'm so happy 'cause during the Xmas period, I received so many sweet mails, comments, gifts from friends and fans that live on the other side of the planet . They all deserve a big THANK YOU !

Today's outfit : SASS & BIDE is one of my favorite brands at the moment. Make up mac gold and venomous villain, bangle alexis bittar

It's an Australian brand. Hhaha I actually bought a lot of things from Australia. Need to go there someday.

So first I bought my “rats leggings”. They're very cool and good quality leggings, very shinny, and the pleated effect is so cool . And I'd been looking for a long time for Almost Moon dress
that I finally found, my size and brand new, on ebay. 

I like the geometric and classy style of the brand's last collection, and also the few tops or dresses structured in 2 or 3 parts, embellished with beads. I think these are must-haves in my wardrobe. Consequently I'll try to buy some other items from this brand next month . Sass & bide is an unique style , difficult to describe but recognisable.

I'm going out now! Have a nice Week-End!

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  1. J'adore. Si Morticia Adams avait décider de changer de look pour quelque chose d'un peu ethnique, elle porterais ça. Et ça, c'est envoutant.