lundi 10 janvier 2011


if you don't know jeffrey campbell shoes you need to know for sure . 

Check out the website here: Jeffrey Campbell. 

today i have bought my first pair after a long time of undecision lol

So i have finally choose the clinic model. Cause i was looking for a winter style but with metal plate or studsand multiple leather. Cause i find that so sexy. So it's a long time my royal feet need these shoes and finally find on the net! My frist love was sold out, the leather spats boots one. So sad. So finally choosen clinic, like the metal plates on sides, it's a very jeffrey campbell famous design. 

Jeffrey campbell's shoes are not very expensive and good quality. Almost ALL of the styles are below $200 USD. So cool ! 

 So are you in love with jeffrey campbelle ? what's your fav pairs ?

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  1. love this pairs