dimanche 2 janvier 2011


Time to move.
Time to change.
Time for new things and new talks.
This blog will all be in English with a few french but in the end, it's the way I like it.
I have a lot of foreigner readers
I changed a bit my style, it's not a real change in fact because I've never been the kind of person you can typecast, but it's true my satisfaction was no longer complete with my “all pink” style and also fed up to be assimilated to wrong things. (I am often badmouthed by too young french people, that talk without really knowing me and prone to have a manga or kawaii style .) So I'm still a PINK GIRL in my mind but my new style suits me better at the moment, it suits my actual state of mind, and my feelings about the way of life I have always kept .
So I hope you'll like what I'll do now, and if you don't, in fact, I don't care . I live for myself.

Yesterday I received a few surprises haha . So first, in my mail box were my orders from “all saints” .

It's an UK fashion brand that produce interesting clothing inspired by classy rock, edgy style and minimalist concept. You can find a selection of men, women and even kids clothes: I think the most interesting items are the vintage and printed t-shirts with amazing and strange designs, and also some knitted tops.

Here is the band's website:


It's a pleasure to receive this kind of package because sometimes when you order on websites, etc..; you receive your items simply wrapped in a bubbly paper.
Here is a picture of the packaging I needed to show you. It is in fact the kind of style I'd like and I'm looking for, for my own brand's boxes too .
Then when you open the box , the items are wrapped in an antique like style fabric with allsaints taped on it. Love it.
I'm a very big fan of interesting designs, completely achieved like that .

I ordered my two favorites designs
The “Forgotten” tank top and the “Dark Dreams” one.

Here are a few pictures of other interesting styles you can find on the website. The parachute dress is really one of my favorites.

8 commentaires:

  1. J'aime beaucoup ta veste sur la video et la photo de la robe que tu as postée aussi elle claque bien!
    bonne continuation pour ton nouveau blog, je te suis depuis ton tout premier blog, et voila je viens encore de temps en temps !
    bisous et bonne année

  2. Hi, Nafrayou,
    First I wish you a happy new year, in which you can really be who you want. Yes I love the pink Nafrayou, but I think it is not important how you look, but how you are!!! I do not know you well, but as far as I know you are a very sweet woman.
    Go on the way you like, I love it!!!

  3. All Saints is totally awesomeness vintage/rock I like so YEAH I'm totally surprised you like and adopt this kind of clothing but well, I bet it's gonna looks good on you anyhow ;3

    All the best !


  4. Longue vie a ton nouveau blog !!
    Très jolie couv' et enfin je voit un peu mieux les tatoos de ton bras droit ! J'adore !!

  5. Essayerais-tu de "devenir" une blogeuse "mode" (cf. Betty, Kenzasmg, Pandora...) ? Pas dans le sens péjoratif du terme,j'ai du mal à formuler mon idée... Ou du moins, de te diriger plutot vers ce genre de blog...Evidemment, en gardant toute ta singularité et ton originalité...

  6. to answer to your question, this blog will be more personnal. I have stock on my computer by the years a lot of pictures i like etc so maybe it"ll be a blog more "fashion" yes ^^

  7. I think it will be really interesting and innovative that there is a blog which presents original creations of top designers that was not used to seeing on "classic" fashion mode and little designers too! Enjoy

  8. J'aime beaucoup ton nouveau style, et plus important : ca et te va à ravir ! Un nouvelle étape dans ta vie j'imagine. J'aime ces moments de prise de conscience et de réflexion, où l'on a envie de changer et de correspondre à ce que l'on est vraiment.. Le changement c'est le bien :) Vivre pour soi c'est le pied !