lundi 19 décembre 2011

PARIS report

Hey dear friends . I'mback from paris . So sad and so happy. Thank for all the amazing moments, all the people i have met. It was sooo nice and i'm so tiredddd right now . 

Jeudi : Arrived on paris at 11pm , take the metroto meet pudding at bastille and have a drink with some friends. Drunk perfecttttt cocktail as i like, and eat (o my gosh) it's a chance, perfect udon . It's remember me so cool japanese time . So thank you to jerome and flo . Back at the pudding home at 10 am lol to prepare the pudding event: Rose de chocolat .

deep purple at le furieux 


pudding's home and tatoo shop moments 

Vendredi : very tired but amazing time with pudding at the tattoo shop. stressed time to because it's the day of the big event for her brand : rose de chocolat .Private party at café lacombe . Meeting nice people as lindsay vitz etc . Petits fours so delicious !!!

pudding hair time 
the new collection from rose de chocolat 

rose de chocolat gift bag 

pics from lindsay blog

Samedi : amazing day ! shopping time ! with ben at paris ! Gone to the new shop popelini at le marais where you can find some delicious petits choux !

after we have done some shopping on le marais and find noir kennedy shop where i have bought nice top . Direction to the new concept store MERCI on paris : it's a big hype shop with a nice deco. Very spacious place whereyou can find also a restaurant and a library. ANd of course don't forget the rick owens shop ^^

merci shop outdoor 

Such a nice moment too at park hyatt hotel, rue de la paix  , to have a drink with friends and after flash cocotte party !!! 

Dimanche : lazy time lol and back to home ! 

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  1. tourne tes pix baby ^^ Tu t'es viandé un peu ;p et c'est rue de la Paix et pas rue de la rue XDDD (wtf ?!!)


  2. Wahou la robe dans la vitrine François Lesage est magnifique. Tu ne connaîtrais pas le prix si ce n'est pas indiscret ? Merci d'avance.