mardi 12 avril 2011


some news about busy week end .... 

Saturday night tadam : first show of the new chippen death streap trasher on marseille. Yes my boyfriend is one of this ^^  very nice moment, nice show even if i don't like the music too much . To tell the truth it's not the kind of parties i like, too much bad ass haha 
 you can find some video on youtube if you wanna check the show of the hardrocker man haha 

 and my babe :

So this is some pics of my outfit :

BRIAN lichtenberg tank top 
Jayne Bayne leather harness
asos stripped leather skirt
louboutin shoes 
CUFF channel

feeling in love withe the louboutin i have received , special edition edited on 2008 for the rodarte catwalk (so sad to repair the sole no gripping ....) gniagnia  so i have deceided to play with the lack and gold effect . 

Used the most amazing eyelashes from Ilamasqua : 

killer eyes is indispensable. Of Course.

you can buy directly on the website or via asos .

SUNDAY : barbecue time .... mm i like sometime just to have the time to breath a few . 

2 commentaires:

  1. Ça c'est sûr qu'ils ont gérer pour le show! :rire:

  2. Ah j'ai adoré ! Headbanging, cheveulus, perf' ^_^excellent