samedi 10 novembre 2012

lifestyle pics

Maybe are you fan as me of hitech acessories, photographic gadgets ? So i want present you today some small tiny cameras, accesories that can make your life more fun . Maybe you already know the brand lomography that have some nice cameras too, but here is my listing of favorite x-trem compact cameras.

On tokyo i had discover the famous usb key, cameras PICK, very tiny so you can put on your handbag and take with you everywhere.

The holga iphone case to create such interesteing instagram style picture :

the minimo-x keychain :

You can also discover life with another point of vue, with the necono cat camera :

One of my favorite rest the film camera popeye, for some kind of lana del rey feeling pics haha

to iphone user, as me, that like fisheye effect, don't forget the olloclip3 lens, great quality to an afordable price :

or small jelly lens cheap on ebay with nice effects :

all this items can be avalable on urbanoutfitters, restir, four corner store, ebay and also

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