mercredi 27 mars 2013

Gold rush for your hair

Yes i know as usual i'll begin my new blog entry today by some apologies: when i begin this blog i promise to ulpoad it once by week and finally i know so many rush and busy times so i try to do my best to keep you update ! 

So today it's not usual: a beauty entry to talk about ONE OF MY fav products for hair : tangle teezer. 

Whta's that ? Tangle teezer it's a multiples award-winnings brush  which will effortlessly banish tangles and knots from all hair types. 
And i have tried a lot of brushes with my extensions and i need to say THIS BRUSH NEED to be in your bag !

Smart design, compact, (palm hand size) easy to use,you can brush you hair just after shower :) you can put on your beauty case, bag etc without any damages due to the plastic cap that cover the patented teeth on the rush design. It's the one i choose in gold. You can find a lot of designs, so i'm sure you can find the one perfect for you. 

you can buy it on the official website, ebay of course, asos, or nelly. 

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