mercredi 28 août 2013


August is ending and September is coming.
So today I'll talk about food , yes!, and the coolest side  about eating healthy food. You know some fruits, legumes can have some nice effects on your skin, mind, feelings. So eat 5 fruits and legumes per day can be a good idea but more seriously here is a list of products you can if you wanna be more stronger, more beautiful.

Greek yogurt can help to reduce dark eye circles if you take it on your breakfast for example.

Red bell peppers is a naturals anti-oxidant do it can help to keep your skin beautifull as the green tea.

Berries are anti-oxidants too but also can improve memory. Dotage your Greek yogurt with berries :).

Watermelon and that's not a joke can act as a natural Viagra ;) cause it contains a lot of citrulline.

Avocado cam help you to look more younger. Just a quarter is necessary :)

To combatting stress just add some citrus fuits ( lemon on your salad etc )

Egg white and spinach make you feel more happier:) so eat your spinachs ! That contains trytophan and its a precursor of serotonin.

Don't Forget too if you want be more healthier you  can eat salmon too and it can help your brain to be more faster too. 

Enjoy your mail :) 

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