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i accept paypal/ BANK transfer / cash via post office (french)

I can buy for you some makeup brushes from japan so if you are interested to buy exeptionnal makeup brushes from Suqqu, Hakuhodo, Koyudo, chikuhodo, shu me.
Japanese makeup brushes are the seventh heaven for makeupaddict and makeupartist. A lot of these fabulous brands create la creme de la creme brush with sometime a very high price. High quality brushes with extremely soft brush, handmade, from japan only. 
For me japanese makeup brush are one of the most beautifull

Don't forget a lot of this brush are made with natural hair !! goat or blue squirel and other are synthetics. 

You don’t need high end products to be happy or to achieve the perfect makeup look, but if you have already tried one of this brand you can fall in love with it. 

How does it works ?
very easy choose the best way for you !
If you already know what you want to buy exactly, just contact us with the order form bellow ( !
We will send you price quote including our service fee.
When i receive your mail with the details or your order. I'll get back to you and send you an invoice with the total amount : item price + SHIPPING + COMISSION FEES
We confirm your shopping order when you make a full amount of payment in advance after you receive the price quote.
Then your items will be shipped from japan.

adress :
phone number :
URL LINK of item with pic if possible:
other details if necessary :
Paypal email:

For all peaople that don't know what's shopping service let me explain you :
Shopping service ? how ? what? :
Our services will help our clients to make shopping easier beyond geography, language and payment problems for attractive Japanese goods as if they are shopping in their own countries.
Are you a fashion addict ? or just a big fan of hi tech or do you need some particular cosmetics from japan but :
You contacted to stores in Japan but there was no replies at all.
You have no  friend in Japan who helps your shopping.
Stores don't ship items internationally to your country.
You are trying to use mail forwarding service but you have to order items yourself directly.
Many of Japanese stores don't accept foreign issued credit cards even though they take major credit card.
Nafrayou concierge service  solves all of the problems!
You'll dream a bout a fabulous issey miyake outfit, or some vogue japan, or stationnary itoya set, some amazing shu ueumura products? all is possible. Just drop me line.
I'll try to do my best to serve with quality, use all my shopping experience to find items at the best price and ship to you from tokyo.
My comission fees are not expensive and depends of the amount of your order.

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