samedi 27 septembre 2014

look into my eyes

hello dears, 
yes halloween is comming so today i drop a line about a very good website where you can order online some circle lenses or crazy lenses. If you're looking for dramatic effects or doll eyes, this website it's for you and you can find a tons of lenses. High communication, a lot of choice and also for people that need lenses with corection.

Circle lenses are a big trend in Asia. They’re contacts/colored contacts that enlarges your eyes making you look wide awake, brighten, and dolly like. Even though it started as a trend in Asia, Top celebrities such as Lady Gaga are rockin’ them. 

Pinky paradise offers to my followers a coupon code so if you order today till 6th october you'll receive 50% Off.

Just enter Halloween2014nafrayou  as the coupon code 

click here :


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