lundi 16 janvier 2012


Back from Paris. Really amazing week end as usual . Haha definitly marseille (wherei live) is a boring place, and of course definitly it's only when i travel i have this feeling to be alive. Such a shame ! 
So i have discovered this time new cool places on paris i want show you . 

First one it's a nice patisserie : La pâtisserie des rêves.
You have the choose between two space :
93 Rue du Bac or 111 Rue de Longchamp. 
Here is an amazing places to have a break, eat some cakes or drink good tea. Tried a pink rose limonade with  lemon pie.

 At the end of afternoon we have done with friends some places to have a drink as the HARRY'S BAR .
 5 rue Daunou, near Opera

A little piece of Manhattan on paris: Mahagony wooden deco, american university flags, barman in white uniforms, it's strong place where you can meet a lot of american and english people. A very long cocktails cards , and a perfect services . No music .

I have tried the Emotionnal rescue cocktail but in fact i think it's a little bit to string for me and i have finish with a classic beer haha.

On The evening we have tried with friends, an amazing traditional french restaurant i really like . 
Le repaire de cartouche : 8 boulevard des filles du calvaires. 
Bistro style, where you can eat a lot of good gibier meats. I'm a big fan of wild meat, strong flavor etc . So i have tried the Lievre a la royale : wild hare in blood sauce with foie gras inside. So delicious !

I was a few tired after all on sunday. Meet finaly Sophie from HMS latex at the Atelier. It's a long time we talked just via mail and i think it was a good oportunity to meet in real . Such a very nice person ! I'm always happy to discover interesting and friendly person , professional. It's sometimes a few rare in France . ! 
me at hms latex 

One of my favorite moment on this week end : see the bright tour effel shinning from the trocadero's apartment of my lovely.

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