jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Porte monnaie

one essential things on a handbag 

and i fall in love with the simple design of this brand porte monaie and deceide to buy one for my japan trip to put all my little coins hahah

official description : "
Porte Monnaie has a design aesthetic which keeps its focus on product longevity with a playful sense of style.
Combining the paper-like tactility of cutting-edge materials with the finest
quality full grain leathers, Porte Monnaie make beautiful handcrafted
goods with a distinctively joyful sensibility and individual take on day to
day accoutrements.

The carefully handled production of all Porte Monnaie goods is undertaken
at our headquarters in London where experienced craftsmen ensure the
best quality of make goes into each and every inch of every item,
delivering only the very best. "

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