mardi 11 septembre 2012


YELLOW satchel 
Horse and Nail tassel 
Yellow transparent heels 
Nastygal black and yellow dress 
unif harness dress 
Real croco cuff 
Vibrant leopard yellow blazer 


is my new addiction on this week and my shopping bag is yellow / black of course 

I don't know why but finally after my first purchase of my yellow satchel i fall in love with yellow / black matching color so i need a few more on my wardrobe 

here is some items i bought the true list is back ! 

I think i'll also turn my hair maybe for japan in ombre yellow will see ! more news coming soon !

1 commentaire:

  1. la combinaison jaune/noir et sympa, moi je la préfère en make up ^^
    D'ailleurs le fap Kat Von D mono "Devotion" est une tueriiiiiie associé à du noir :p