samedi 1 septembre 2012

white hair advices

hello dears ! sorry for the delay of new post but i'm few busy at this time . 

               So today a post talking about hair care products . Yes a lot of people ask me what kind of products i use for my white hair etc . I have take a month maybe to find the perfect products that can feat with my natural hair and also with the natural extensions i'm wearing . 

And i'm a fan of kerastase products . I think it's the best for me . I use first a silicone free shampoo (a long time ago i have discovered silicon free shampoo on japan and so hard tofind in france but now it's no more a problem with the new range cristalliste of kerastase) and i mix it with a few amount of blue shampoo to keep my hair white . After i use the age premium mask during min 20 min. And justebefore brushing i put the elixir oil from kerastase and my hair are soooo happy ! If it's necessary when i need hair bum style etc i use also the age premium hair spray ! 

Et Voila ! 

so here's few pictures of my hair today ^^ thanks to nadége !

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